SAP Fioneer Cloud for Banking

An easy-to-consume SaaS model for all types of business processes

Introduction to SAP Fioneer Cloud for Banking

The breakneck speed at which technology has advanced over the past decade has left many in equal states of awe and uncertainty. Never before has technology been more accessible to billions of people around the world, yet there remains a fragility that drives the need for a shift in focus – as highlighted by pandemic and inflation-induced drawbacks.

However, hardship breeds innovation. We believe that a sea change is imminent in the breaking space – and we want to help you navigate it.

We provide the best-in-class industry cloud solution for banks, helping our customers focus on four key principles and objectives:

Stable Ecosystem

Operational Excellence with Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

User Satisfaction


This is our vision, and it is always growing as we continue to look outward, with a team of passionate, like-minded individuals who also believe that comradery and trust are the true enablers of real change.

Strategy Overview

By enabling cutting-edge open banking and delivering a truly exceptional and unique customer experience, with a focus on sustainability and low TCO, our customers can truly differentiate themselves in the marketplace. With a best-on-class cloud banking solution, they can open up possibilities that were not possible before.

But how will this new era of banking solutions look?

Let’s start with SAP Fioneer’s Cloud for Banking service. This porfolio of outcome-based solutions is designed to help banks of all sizes — from traditional incumbents to the digital-first challengers. By combing top-of-the-line systems, services and technology, with the wealth of industry knowledge contained in SAP Fioneer’s team, we can deliver simple plug-and-play processes to our customers, delivering value and low TCO.

Banking sustainability into our solutions is part of the SAP Fioneer ethos, which is why all of our processes are designed with sustainability in mind. More than just a regulatory box-ticking exercise, we are taking responsibility for our impact on the environment and providing products with in-build ESG (environmental, social and governance) date scoring, alongside a drive to cut paper usage in our processes.

We call all of this our 4Dimension Approach. Only when we connect these four goals together will we have the ability to deliver on our future goals and provide real value to customers.

Our Inspiration

Modern banking is faced with four challenges that need to be overcome for the industry to successfully evolve in this new era:

  • Opportunities of a digital-first, hyper-connected world
  • Growing costs with reduced gross margins
  • Environmental impacts and growing CO2 levels
  • User demands and customer satisfaction


However, how can banks avoid alienating customers when these problems are addressed and it creates change?

What if a bank’s drive for innovation ups its carbon footprint? Will customers be willing to accept higher costs in order to reduce CO2 output?

By taking a holistic view of these four challenges, however, it is possible to strike the right balance.

Our Solution

In summary, our plan is to deliver truly smart banking by focusing on ready-to-use, industry-specific, and fully optimized best practices.

Our Target

  • Smart banking based on open platform principles
  • Outcome-based processes: ready-to-use content and easy integration with third-party software
  • Exceptional user experience (both internal and external)
  • Carbon neutral operations and processes built on zero-emission principles


Our four-part approach revolves around creating a process that is ecosystem centric, provides operational excellence with low TCO, offers an unparalleled user experience, and delivers a sustainable business.

Ecosystem Centric Approach

Open platform

Integrates easily with third parties to build new use cases and accelerate innovation

Contains full-lifecycle platform for your ecosystem

Easy to integrate and monetize

Best-in-class API management solution to provide secure managed governance for API consumption

Event push API to deliver optimized experience

Create multi-tiered billing plans which effectively monetize integrations with partners

Marketplace of value-add components

Connect to partners who deliver additional business apps and platform new capabilities

Create your own apps, which are easy to consume within our ecosystem (like embedded finance capabilities)

Integrate easily with the SAP ecosystem to deliver real change

Operational Excellence with Low TCO

User Experience

Best-in-class digital environment

  • Omnichannel banking platform
  • Modern user interface – responsive web apps and native mobile UI and
  • Best-in-class technology allows usage on mobile devices in a highly secured manner

Single source of truth

  • All data within a single in-memory database to provide real-time 360-degree views
  • Real-time advanced embedded analytics for sales, operations and finance
  • Predictive analytics and machine learning to improve productivity and insights

Digital and simple business process

  • Simplification, standardization and build-in workflow functionality
  • App Factory allows adaptability of existing and rapid development of new user functionalities
  • Conversational AI for easy implementation of enterprise chatbots

Sustainable Business

The Journey Begins

The future of finance demands creativity

The modern finance industry has had no choice but to adapt to contemporary demands, evolving customer personas and new business models. Banks and insurance firms have had to embed themselves in the digital world and take on the task of providing seamless, innovative services to their customers. Cloud for Banking helps you navigate these waters. The only solution that can provide a secure and user-friendly digital environment for a tech-driven world. It does so by delivering:

  • A true SaaS deployment model
  • Consumption-based pricing with easy-to-predict business metric
  • Focusing on the environment at each stage
  • Providing security and best-in-class 24/7 support
  • Increasing innovation through automatic system upgrades

SAP Fioneer’s Cloud for Banking system is the only platform on the market that provides a big bank service for institutions of all sizes, seamlessly scaling to your growth and matching the pace of your business.

Cloud for Banking: An easy-to-consume SaaS model for all types of business processes

Cloud for Banking also provides a solution for all business scenarios, with the freedom to start with as little as you need before extending in the future. We can provide our customers with an end-to-end solution that provides peace of mind, allowing you to start from anywhere, no matter what stage of growth you are at.

We can manage all of the tricky backend tasks so that you can focus on growth and innovation instead.

Let’s make a real change and work together to build the future of finance. Focus on your business and we will do the rest. Start the journey today, together with DYCSI!

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