DYCSI announces expansion to Canada

Monterrey, Mexico – August 02, 2023 

DYCSI SOLUCIONES S.A. DE C.V. (“DYCSI”) announced today that as of June 15, 2023, it has been officially established in Canada by opening a legal entity and an office in Vancouver. This entity will operate under the subsidiary of DYCSI INC, by the name of “DYCSI Consulting Canada ULC”.

In the last years, the company has experienced remarkable growth and gained recognition in the market as a leading provider of SAP and SAP Fioneer consulting services. Taking this next step confirms their vision of becoming the largest and most important SAP Fioneer partner in the world, while also becoming a global company capable of offering Consulting and IT services across all continents.

The establishment of our Canadian branch demonstrates our dedication to our objective of being the top SAP Fioneer partner. A global presence is crucial in forming partnerships with international companies, reaffirming our commitment to this strategy“, stated Carlos Bonilla, Director of Consulting and IT Services.

DYCSI’s arrival to Canada promises to bring multiple benefits and opportunities to the Canadian market. Their expertise in the sector and their ability to adapt to specific needs of local markets make for a winning combination for financial institutions seeking optimization and operational efficiency.

There is also a focus on developing local talent. This expansion will generate new jobs in the fintech sector, contributing to economic growth and the development of new skills. In addition, the strategic collaboration that DYCSI promotes with local financial institutions will foster knowledge exchange and best practices, thus strengthening the overall financial community.

This growth will also reinforce their positioning as experts in SAP Banking Implementations, positively impacting their relationship with their main business partner, SAP Fioneer, as they can jointly offer market-leading solutions in this new region.

The entry of DYCSI into Canada marks an exciting chapter in their journey as leaders in SAP Banking implementations. As a result, DYCSI is now established in Mexico (Monterrey and Mexico City), the United States (Austin, TX), and Canada (Vancouver, British Columbia). This expansion represents a bold step towards the company’s global growth, while committing to contribute to the country’s economic and technological development.

Its recognized excellence and expertise now extend to one of the most dynamic financial markets in the world. With a customer-oriented approach, DYCSI is ready to provide market-leading solutions, driving innovation and success in the Canadian financial industry.