Tecnológico de Monterrey Case

Improved the Attention to the Students who have Loans provided by the Institution, thanks to the FS-CML Module of SAP Banking

Tecnológico de Monterrey, in a prospective exercise, draws a map of digital transformation that takes an important step with the implementation of the CML Module (Consumer and Mortgage Loans) of SAP® Banking.

Thanks to this, the more than 35,000 students who are served annually by the Student Credit area of its 24 campuses have a better level of service, while the institution has simplified its processes and now has relevant information to better decision making.

Executive Summary

Tecnológico de Monterrey



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  • Standardize the processes of the educational credit area in its 24 campuses.
  • Make a process reengineering following industry best practices.
  • Automate its processes.
  • Improve the experience of its students who use educational credits.


  • DYCSI, SAP® Partner expert in SAP® Banking, makes it see the convenience of adopting the practices of the banking industry.
  • The CML (Consumer and Mortgage Loans) Module of SAP® Banking is the product that matches all its needs.
  • Rapid implementation is carried out and with a minimum of adjustments that will divert the best practices process.


  • Automation and standardization of the processes of the area of educational credits.
  • Automated reports.
  • Time reduction in its operating cycle and balance sheet.
  • Better attention and experience for its users.
  • Accuracy in the information.




Campus with Homologated Processes

2 Week > 1 Day

Balance Sheet Process


Tecnológico de Monterrey: Professionalism at the Service of its Students

Tecnológico de Monterrey decided to transform itself to fully enter the digital world in 2012.

This is how a deep strategic planning work began, which was defined two years later, and since then it has begun to add new technological components that allow it to complete its transformation towards the year 2019.

Among the investments made for this transformation, they decided to integrate the HCM (Human Capital Management) of its SAP® ERP with SAP® SuccessFactors, an integration that led it to be worthy of the President’s Award from SAP®.

The continuation of the strategic map of its transformation occurs with the creation of the Support Services Center, which covers 10 service processes, 5 administrative ones and 5 schools, from which the educational credit project arises since each campus managed it differently and it was necessary to re-engineer the process and implement an enabler.

The educational credit department offers students who currently don’t have the possibility of facing the institution’s costs, such as a non-profit service, the possibility of paying once they finish their studies with a minimum financial interest that allows the institution to keep the fund to support more students.

“We tend to 15,000 students requesting a student loan every year, in addition to the 20,000 graduate students who continue to pay on 24 different campuses. Each campus managed the credits in its own way and without automation. The central system was custom-made, but with Word and Excel. The idea was to standardize the process and have it automated with accounting to make decisions immediately,” said José Marcelo Tam Málaga, Director of Digital Transformation at Tecnológico de Monterrey.


SAP® Banking CML: The Perfect Match for Tecnológico de Monterrey

“DYCSI, SAP® Partner, has a team of expert SAP® Banking consultants who taught us the SAP® Banking CML (Consumer and Mortgage Loans) Module, which we didn’t know, and taught us that the administration of the banking process could give us a standard blueprint; they helped us to understand it, to adhere to it and that is how together with DYCSI we carried out a very fast implementation”, Tam Málaga shares.

Something important in the implementation was that with SAP® Banking CML system adjustments were minimized, thus adhering to industry best practices.

Among the success factors that Tam Málaga shares with us, he believes that the support of the Vice President of Finance and Operations, Bruno Zepeda, was a great cornerstone for the project.

“The CML Module (Consumer and Mortgage Loans) of SAP® Banking is a credit manager that offers just what we needed,” said Tam Malaga.

Business Transformation

SAP® Banking CML: Creating Better Experiences

SAP® Banking CML helped Tecnológico de Monterrey to automate and better manage educational credit information, with a fully integrated accounting process with operational and regulatory reports.

The times in its operating cycle were reduced, as well as the cycle of preparation of the balance sheet that is now done from one day to another instead of the two weeks that previously cost to do it. Reports that previously took a week are now automated.

However, the main benefit is the improvement in the service and experience to the students. In the past, students would have to call to know how much they should pay and they would be told different numbers by different departments. This has been left behind and that is a key benefit according to Tam Málaga.


Profitable Future

Tecnológico de Monterrey understands transformation as a strategy. In 2015, it defined the 2020 Plan and is currently in the final stretch. Nowadays, the 2030 Plan is being developed. However, for Tecnológico de Monterrey the word transformation necessarily implies a human transformation. “If we don’t enable people, technology doesn’t work,” Tam Málaga explains.

Its vision of the future is digital, and one of its main implications is to question the role of the University in education. It considers that the University is becoming a great multidisciplinary team of reciprocal collaboration to respond to the challenges of the industry, so it’s necessary to develop team integration in students, among other skills.

“SAP® has been a Partner in time; however, in 2014 we saw that it had changed course. After being a giant in the world of manufacturing, it was reinvented, returning to the experience of its customers: it improved the technology of decision making using HANA, mobile technology with Fiori and the Cloud Platform. No other provider has the vision and capacity for institutions to seriously make a digital transformation, so SAP® is a key partner for the digital transformation of Tecnológico de Monterrey”, concludes Tam Málaga.



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