Attendo Case

Achieved an Accelerated Growth of its Loan Portfolio with an Efficient Operation with SAP Banking


Attendo is a financial services company allied with various institutions to offer payroll loans to public and private sector workers. Ten years after its foundation, it has established itself as one of the largest payroll credit companies in Mexico. Currently, with a little over 100 employees, it has more than 35,000 clients and 20 offices around Mexico.

Its founding partners had the vision of implementing a comprehensive and reliable platform capable of sustaining the operation of thousands of credits over time. SAP® Banking was the answer and, nowadays, thanks to its vocation of customer service, they enjoy an accelerated and sustained growth, supported by a world-class platform.

Executive Summary

Attendo S.A.P.I. de C.V. S.O.F.O.M, E.N.R

Monterrey, N.L.


Products and Services
Simple Credits Via Payroll Discount





  • Maintain the level of customer service.
  • Solve credits quickly and effectively.
  • Be prepared with a solid technological base to have control of its credit portfolio.


  • After the evaluation of several technological platforms, Attendo chooses SAP® Banking for being an integral solution that met the requirements of supporting the projected growth in the long term, with the security provided by a solution such as SAP®, and having the ease of creating products according to the needs of the market dynamically and flexibly.
  • DYCSI, the SAP® partner, was chosen for implementation because of its extensive track record in SAP® implementations in the financial sector.


  • Confidence of its partners and investors that their credits are backed by a comprehensive, safe and efficient solution.
  • Today, its operation has the best practices worldwide.
  • Secure and accessible information.
  • SAP® Banking has the flexibility to adapt to your needs.
  • Thanks to the information provided by the system, they can make better decisions on credit authorization.
  • Parameterization of new custom products.
  • Accelerated growth that wouldn’t have been possible without SAP® Banking.








Human Resources Needed for Accounting and Financial Operation


Credits Granted


Attendo: A Solid Support for the Base of the Pyramid

Attendo is a financial services company (SOFOM) that began operations in 2007 with the mission of granting credits via payroll discount for employees at the base of the pyramid, both in the government and in the private sector.

Its specialization is in debt refinancing and seeks the satisfaction of its final customers with innovative products, as well as collaborators and investors when operating an authentic, responsible and sustainable management.

Although its birth was in Monterrey, it currently operates throughout the Mexican territory.

This expansion is largely due to the excellent level of service provided to its customers, since Attendo intends to quickly and efficiently resolve their particular needs through commercial strategies supported by cutting-edge technology.

Because of this, since its inception, Attendo evaluated different solutions that support its operation, in addition to the vision of its founders which was to know that the company needed to have a world-class platform from the beginning and not start a new implementation when the growth stage was in full swing.


SAP® & DYCSI: Experience as a Differentiating Value

Attendo knew that to be born strong it needed to lay its foundations on the greatest possible technological strength. It needed a robust platform that generated trust in its partners and investors, where they were certain that the credits they were granting would be supported with the security of the integrity of the information despite being initially a small company. For this reason, its business plan contemplated the evaluation of a world-class technology platform that would support its operation.

In this search, Attendo found that SAP® Banking was the best possible investment since this software was going to allow the placement of thousands of credits over time while other offers in the market lacked capabilities and were likely to need to be strengthened in the future.

On the other hand, it was necessary to find a business partner with a particular focus on the banking and financial sector that would understand the needs of this SOFOM at the root. Thanks to the great trajectory of DYCSI in this sector, Attendo received excellent references that favored the choice of this partner.

Nowadays, DYCSI has almost 20 years of experience in implementing SAP® for financial and banking institutions. For Attendo, DYCSI provided added value with its extensive knowledge in the financial sector, flexibility and ability to adapt the solution to its requirements.

In addition to these features, DYCSI has made such a good team with Attendo that it’s considered as its systems area.

Business Transformation

Attendo with SAP® Banking: Infinite Possibilities

Attendo has a clear objective: that the information is safe and accessible. SAP® Banking has been the platform that offers this possibility, and thus the funding agents have the clarity to make strategic decisions.

On the other hand, executives need to know that the system can be adjusted to their needs. Such flexibility is key to the modification of products, terms, and amounts since their variables that need to be transformed along with supply and demand.

Achieving this with more than 35,000 customers also requires extraordinary teamwork and a world-class solution.

“Each sub-product is released in 2 or 3 days, and without SAP® I don’t know how we would do it, frankly. The operation was turned on and SAP® was turned on,” says Andrés Cueva, Co-Founder, and CEO of Attendo.

Another reported benefit is the resources used by the area, as executives are sure that the system provides human capital savings due to its functionalities. As an example of this, 7 people work in the accounting area, and without SAP®, twice as many personnel would probably be required.


Profitable Future

Attendo is sure that SAP® has been a cornerstone for the accelerated growth experienced in recent years. It also knows that technology is a resource that is renewed and updated every day, so its executives plan to continue to rely on the strength of SAP® Banking that they have today while continuing to enrich the future with new SAP® products, such as SAP® Business Intelligence.


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