Actinver Case

Reduction of the IT Management Costs and Consolidation of its Operations with SAP Banking


Actinver had a challenge: consolidate its operation through a technological transformation, reducing the use of 4 different platforms to one. Being a company dedicated to providing financial advice to its customers, reducing information systems would bring benefits from day one. DYCSI was the SAP® partner, specialized in the financial industry, chosen to take this great step.

Executive Summary




Products and Services
Private Banking and Investment Banking Advice





  • Operation simplification.
  • Consolidation of 4 solutions to just 1.
  • Cost savings.


  • DYCSI is a specialist in SAP® Banking, so it knows the industry extensively, and therefore it was the chosen SAP® Partner.


  • Improvement in customer service and attention.
  • Automated reconciliations.
  • Important savings.
  • Updated and consolidated information for decision making.
  • Reduction of tasks and gain in time.


Transforming Credit

Actinver is a Mexican company that was born in the first half of the ’90s and focuses its work on offering its clients advice on Private Banking and Investment Banking with the vision of becoming the most important investment advisor in the country.

Several key shareholders and a constant expansion around Mexico derived from competitive strategies, this led Actinver to become an Actinver Financial Group in 2010, achieving the placement of shares in the Mexican Stock Exchange.

Banco Actinver, as part of this corporation, is currently defined as a specialist in wealth management. It’s a leader in its field and has important growth rates nationwide.

Currently, it has 2,220 employees and 82 financial centers throughout Mexico.

To maintain its levels of service and expansion, Actinver decided in 2014 to invest in technology, as it had four different solutions to operate its areas of recruitment, credit, customer service, hiring, placement, accounting, reports, regulatory, among others.

These 4 platforms didn’t have the facility to concentrate the data between them, therefore, it was very difficult to standardize their information. Additionally, the maintenance cost of the four solutions was high and the handling complicated.

With the assurance that a technological transformation within Actinver was necessary, the management team granted “credit” to search for a new platform that would meet their needs.


DYCSI: Support Actinver to Achieve its Objectives with SAP® Banking

Actinver approached various leaders in the business software industry to learn about the offers. It drew special attention to SAP® having such a tailored solution for companies of its nature: SAP® Banking.

It was DYCSI, an SAP® partner, the chosen one due to its great experience and specialization in the financial field. DYCSI showed Actinver the features of SAP® Banking and all the benefits that consolidation would bring.

Business Transformation

From 4 Systems to 1: Savings and Simplification at Maximum Expression

“Everything was turned off on Friday and Monday at 8 a.m., then we opened with the new system.” Francisco Tebar, who leads the Actinver Systems Department, remembers the moment as a triple somersault, since the chances of failure when going live on a technological platform are very high. However, the live performance in Actinver was achieved in the stipulated time and successfully.

Actinver has not only achieved significant benefits in cost savings, but also recognizes SAP® Banking as a much simpler and friendlier solution; more maneuverable

Currently, all the information of each client is on a single screen, which has allowed them to closely monitor each case. The perception of order and service by Actinver customers has increased, in addition to the time savings of employees in monitoring each client.

For Francisco Tebar of Actinver, it was a big challenge and now it’s a huge source of pride that put them on another level of service thanks to the use of the industry’s best practices.


Profitable Future

Having achieved a project with such a high degree of specialization and successful live outing was a huge satisfaction for Actinver, DYCSI and SAP®. The expected objectives were fully met, and in addition the teamwork exceeded the expectations of all involved. Because of this, Banco Actinver considers SAP® and DYCSI in its future, and is evaluating two more solutions, thus becoming strategic business partners with whom it happily shares the credit of its success.


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